WARNING: This contains mature themes, such as sex and language. Read at your own risk. 
Note: I’m so sorry guys, this sucks because I wanted to get a new story out but I wasn’t really in the mood meaning I wasn’t fingering myself  so I feel really bad I gave you some shitty work.

When Justin invited me to dinner with his parents, I was nervous and upset. It wasn’t because of his parents, whom I had met and adored, but because I was so goddamn horny. I was left at home all day, forcing me to think about Justin, so, of course, I began masturbating. When I tried to stop touching myself and went on some errands, I had soaked through my panties while thinking about Justin. All I wanted to do was wait for him to get home so I could fuck the shit out him, have his massive cock inside my pussy. But now I was trying to find something to wear, wondering how I was going to keep myself from hopping on his dick. I decided on a tight red dress that stopped midway between my knees and my ass. Justin would love it, but he would love it even more when it was off.
He picked me up at six thirty, and we drove to the restaurant that his parents were waiting at. I greeted them with a smile and a hug, then sat down on Justin’s lap. It didn’t look very classy, I’m sure, but it would work. Thank God the table covered our laps and his parents didn’t see me grinding my bare pussy on his pants. The only saw me doting on their son, wrapping my arm around his neck and planting him kisses on the cheek. Justin wrapped his arm around my hip, his fingers grazing my clit ever so slightly. It was the little touches that drove me insane. I almost moaned, I almost ripped every piece of clothing off that boy’s body, I almost yelled, “GET YOUR MASSIVE COCK INSIDE ME NOW JUSTIN!” But I didn’t. Because I couldn’t.
I felt a vibration in my purse and I pulled out my phone. The text message read: Hold it in baby
But it feels soooo good,
I replied. I positioned myself so he could slide a finger in while still playing with clit. I bit my lip, which would only turn him on more. I squealed softly, but his parents were too oblivious to notice two teenagers finger fucking across from them. 
It will feel better at home baby (; 
The promises of being fucked later made me feel better. Before I knew it, he had entered two more fingers inside my tight hole and begun pinching my clit. I bit my lip until the point that I started bleeding before I felt myself cumming on his fingers. I let out a gasp, getting Justin’s parents’ attention.
"What is the matter, Selena?"
"Oh, nothing!"
"Um, okay, dear." They went back to reading the menus.
I was the only one who saw Justin lick his fingers clean.